Creating a winning Print-on-Demand design is the quickest way to generate sales and make money for your business. A good design captures a potential buyers’ interest and may even get them to click onto your listing. But if your artwork isn’t properly showcased with high-quality mockups and lifestyle imagery, you are probably missing out on sales.

Supplementing your product listings with high-quality imagery and video will help turbocharge your e-commerce listings and improve conversion rates. That’s where PlaceIt comes in…

Over the last couple of months I’ve been revisiting all of my Print-on-Demand listings searching for opportunities to optimize listings and boost conversion rates. PlaceIt has become my go-to tool for generating high-quality product mockups and videos.

Using the simple drag and drop templates in the PlaceIt platform, I’ve been able to turn my listings from this …

To this …

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Standing Out with PlaceIt

Selling online makes it impossible for customers to see your physical product before making a buying decision. Instead, shoppers rely heavily on product images.

High-quality mockups and product images build trust with your customers, sell the value of your product, and help remove friction along the customer journey. On the flip side, lack of sufficient high-quality images, may send a potential buyer running!

The challenge for print-on-demand sellers is that we don’t have the physical product. Instead we rely on print-on-demand production partners to provide us with mockups and product photography.

Production Partners Don’t Always Cut It

While POD companies like Printful & Printify are making big improvements in providing decent product mockups, there is a huge opportunity to turbocharge your POD listings by leveraging PlaceIt.

PlaceIt is a self-serve, drag and drop platform that makes it easy to create super relevant lifestyle images, product mockups, and even product videos. In short, they make it almost effortless to stand out from the standard POD mockups you get with most production partners.

How to Integrate PlaceIt in Your Workflow

Printify Product Mockup

Let’s take this example from one of my Etsy stores. Using Printify, I quickly created a new listing on my Etsy store. The mockups aren’t bad, but they are pretty bland and unlikely to stick out in Etsy Search.

With PlaceIt, you can search for Mockups by product type. So in this case I filtered potential Mockup options for “T-Shirts.” You can even filter by things such as gender of the subject, age range, ethnicity, and tags for events or settings.

This design is related to the ocean or beach so I quickly filtered the 4,000+ mockup results for the tag “Beach”.

PlaceIt Mockup Filters
PlaceIt Mockup Filters

I found this great lifestyle mockup of a woman with a surfboard in a beach setting. Using the PlaceIt platform, all you need to do is upload your design and choose the color of the product. You can even resize the design and add custom text.

PlaceIt Mockup Example

Since my product is on a black t-shirt I updated the product color and uploaded my design. Tip: make sure to match the PlaceIt product color to the exact color of the product you are selling. I recommend finding out the HEX code of the product to match it exactly and prevent any confusion.

PlaceIt Final Result

Here is the final result. Now we can download our new mockup and add it to our Etsy listing.

Etsy suggests that images meet their dimension minimums of 2000px x 2000px. PlaceIt has a built-in image resizer so we can quickly resize our image to meet the Etsy minimums.

The resizer also works on Videos!

Generating PlaceIt Video Mockups

Selling on Etsy and Amazon Seller Central unlocks the option to add custom videos to product listings. Product videos are a great way to showcase your selling points, features and benefits. This is one of the power features of the PlaceIt platform.

The process is very similar to that of creating a standard product mockup. PlaceIt even gives you the opportunity to add audio and string multiple video mockups together.

These can be repurposed for social media posts, advertisements, and promotional content. Here is an example of one I made using the same example design.

Tips for Optimizing Your E-commerce Listings

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your print-on-demand listing optimization efforts:

  1. Use high-quality images sized for the appropriate platform requirements.
  2. The more the merrier. Add multiple images to showcase your product.
  3. Use mockups that cater to your target audience.
  4. Show your product in different environments or from different angles.
  5. Include lifestyle mockups. Remember, people connect with people!

Getting the Most out of PlaceIt

Not only does PlaceIt make it easy to create stunning mockups, they also give you a suite of tools to grow your print-on-demand business.

  • Mockups for everything from Facebook Ads, Books, and Mugs to Responsive Device Mockups.
  • A design maker with pre-built templates for YouTube, Instagram stories, book covers, Twitter posts and more.
  • A logo maker with even more pre-built templates.
  • Resources for gamers such as animated logos and Twitch banner templates.

So if you are looking for a one-stop-shop to elevate your print-on-demand listings and streamline your business give PlaceIt a shot.

In Conclusion

Before using PlaceIt my print-on-demand listings were just like the competition. Bland mockups, lacking lifestyle imagery, and certainly not a video in sight.

Since using PlaceIt to help optimize my listings on Etsy and Amazon, I’ve noticed a considerable bump in click-through-rate and conversions. I don’t have time to create my own mockups and I’m certainly not prepared to buy all of my product designs and create in-house lifestyle imagery.

PlaceIt gives you the ability to create high-quality mockups for your print-on-demand products at scale. Sign up for PlaceIt and see how they can fit into your print-on-demand business here.