Merch By Amazon and Print On Demand 60 Day Goal

About the Video:

In this video I tackle arguably one of the most important parts of growing any business: goal setting. This is a skillset that I have struggled to improve over the last 5 years while I have grown several online businesses.

In this video I talk about goal setting as it applies to my Merch By Amazon business over the next 60 days. I try my best to compartmentalize my different print on demand channels when thinking about goal setting. There are three main platforms I will be focusing on over the next two months.

  1. Merch By Amazon
  2. Etsy
  3. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Below I outline my goals for each of these channels.

Merch By Amazon

For Merch By Amazon I have a lot of work to get my business to the next level. To get started, I want to go ahead and max out my remaining 250 or so open slots on Merch. This will allow me to become eligible to get my account tiered up from Tier 2000 to Tier 4000.

Opening up an additional 2000 slots is a crucial piece of my goal breakdown as we get into fourth quarter. Rather than creating another 250 designs, I plan on listing my best selling t-shirt designs to the UK marketplace.

Once I’ve accomplished this, I plan on turning my focus to optimizing my existing listings. I’ve already invested heavily in creating some great designs. Unfortunately, a good portion of these products are not converting to sales as well as I had hoped.

To combat slow sales on what I deem to be high quality designs, I am going to go through each listing to better optimize title, bullet points, and pricing. If you are looking for the specific strategies I plan on using make sure you check out this video on my YouTube channel.

When Merch tiers up my account the next goal is to create an additional 1000 very high quality new product designs. Using Merch Informer is a great way to find untapped niches that will produce sales.


Next up is Etsy. I love Etsy but have neglected this platform over the last few months. In part, this has been due to an increased focus on Merch By Amazon and KDP.

For Etsy, I want to get every single product listing redone. Fortunately, once I complete the Merch By Amazon listing optimizations, I will have done most of the leg work for this step.

To increase profitability, I am going to switch to using Printful’s $7.95 Gildan T-shirt option. This will allow me to compete at a better price point and continue to offer potential buyers free shipping.

Printful Gildan $7.95 T-Shirt Option

KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing

The final stage in this sixty day strategy is to migrate my Merch By Amazon designs over to KDP. Using Book Bolt’s suite of tools it is incredibly easy to quickly convert designs into low content journals.

Armed with 1000 new designs plus about 500 unlisted designs that I already have, I’ll easily be able to get 1500 new low and no content notebooks onto the platform

Goal Outcomes

Effectively completing the above strategy will take work but will be worth the journey. My goal is to reach $500 in monthly recurring semi-passive income.

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