How To Get Started with Selling On Spreadshirt Print On Demand How Much I Make

Spreadshirt is arguably one of the easiest platforms to get started with your first print-on-demand business. The platform gives sellers access a pool of eager shoppers looking for unique gifts like the ones you design!

Print on demand (POD) is a product fulfillment method in which orders are custom printed and sent to the customer after the order has been placed.

The print on demand business model gives e-commerce sellers the ability to create hundreds of customizable products without needing to sit on inventory, handle shipping, and in some cases, avoid doing customer service.

Spreadshirt is one of the print on demand production partners that makes this all possible. And with an estimated 2.95 million monthly visitors at the time of writing this, sellers can easily get their products in front of shoppers with just a few clicks!

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How Spreadshirt works

After creating a Spreadshirt account, you will need to upload your unique designs. This is just about as simple as drag and drop.

Once you have added a designs to the platform, Spreadshirt will publish your design on hundreds of different product mockups. Everything from t-shirts to mousepads!

Even if you aren’t a professional designer, you can create super simple print on demand designs like the one I created below using websites like Canva.

Canva Design

Using the free Chrome extension Productor for Spreadshirt, makes the upload process a breeze! This free tool allows you to quickly select what products and colors you want your design added to.

Next, you’ll need to give your new Spreadshirt product a title and description and add some tags to allow buyers to quickly locate your design.

Choosing Spreadshirt tags and titles

Proper research for SEO on the Spreadshirt platform deserves its own post. However for the sake of this example, I’ll quickly breakdown the fast way to do this process.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. If you are trying to quickly figure out what title and tags to use, look at what other sellers are using.

Do a quick search on the Spreadshirt platform to look at the top products for a given keyword. Take note of the titles and tags that they are using.

For example, to take a quick look at the turtle niche for our turtle themed t shirt design, I execute a quick search. The products that are displayed first are likely to be popular with shoppers.

Then in clicking through each of these product listings I will take notes on the common keywords that sellers are using. Things like ‘sea’, ‘turtle’, ‘ocean’, ‘tortoise’, ‘baby turtle’ etc.

These will form the foundation of my title, tags and description and put me in front of relevant shoppers. From there, create your own unique title and description and quickly publish your design.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, starting a Spreadshirt store is quick and easy. The Spreadshirt platform makes it easy to start selling Print On Demand products with little to no experience.

I’ve used this platform to easily add another income stream to my print on demand portfolio. The best part is that once you create a design you can add it to numerous different marketplaces to get in front of more shoppers.

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